Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Gil Roberts: American ingested banned substance from kissing girlfriend

Gil Roberts: American ingested banned substance from kissing girlfriend

Roberts - a 400m runner who helped the United States win gold in the 4X400 relay at the Rio Olympics - was suspended on a provisional basis in May after his A and B samples from a March testing period came back positive for a masking agent called probenecid.

Olympic gold medalist Gil Roberts said he tested positive for a banned masking agent called probenecid for "frequently and passionately" kissing his girlfriend.

She continued to take the medicine after arriving in the USA, including on March 24, about three hours before Roberts' out-of-competition drug test.

Alex Salazar and her family had reportedly visited the rural parts of India around the time of the doping incident and subsequently procured the medicine for a sinus problem. It's not just the kissing he said was responsible.

According to the documents, Roberts, 28, had no idea Salazar was taking the medication or that she had taken the medication while "they kissed and "chilled out" the afternoon of March 24.

Olympic gold medalist fails drug test due to kissing girlfriend
A US Olympian Was Banned After 'Frequent, Passionate' Kissing Made Him Fail A Drug Test

A doctor serving as an expert witness for Roberts testified that his level of probenecid was much lower than it would have been had he taken an entire pill and was not enough to mask any drugs in his system.

On June 20, an arbitrator cleared Roberts of wrongdoing, allowing him to compete at the USATF Outdoor Championships two days later.

A professional since 2009, Roberts was part of the United States' 4-by-400 relay team that won gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

"This arbitrator is persuaded by Dr. Kintz' testimony that bits of the probenecid that remained in her mouth after she took her medicine could and did move to his mouth through their frequent passionate kissing".

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