Published: Sun, July 30, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Former McDonald's Employee Unearths Gross Find Hidden Within McFlurry Machine

Former McDonald's Employee Unearths Gross Find Hidden Within McFlurry Machine

The 18-year-old later shared photos of the contents of the tray on Twitter, explaining: "This came out of McDonald's ice cream machine in case y'all were wondering".

A former employee of the burger giant posted pictures on Twitter showing greasy pictures of a meal tray, claiming that it came out of an ice cream machine at an outlet he worked at.

McDonald's has been hit by yet another controversy and this time it is all about its ice cream, a firm favorite of all those who go to the fast food corporate outlets.

He also posted what he says is a side view of the machine to prove that the tray "was not a grease trap".

"We are committed to running great restaurants that provide our customers with high quality food, service and a clean environment", the statement reads.

The story prompted a slew of fast-food restaurant bashing on social media, with one user tweeting a pictures from Wendy's.

"People keep quoting this and saying this is the reason it's always down, when it works perfectly fine with this in it", Nick tweeted.

Such news can spread rapidly online in China and have a major impact on sales.

In a final tweet, he shared photos of what he claimed to be the frozen food from McDonalds. Finally he decided to post the images to his personal Twitter account as "the working conditions were ridiculous - everyone was inappropriate and nothing was clean".

"I shared it because I wanted to let people know what they're consuming, and how disgusting the conditions are", he said.

As well as the McFlurry trays, he also shared pictures that appeared to show uncooked food, dirty preparation areas and a filthy floor.

"Sometimes my coworkers would drop the food and put it back on the bun", he told HuffPost, explaining that he's "seen it happen several times".

"They banned me from that McDonald's", he said, adding that the restaurant's managers asked him to delete the tweets.

"This part does not come into contact with the ice cream served and is required to undergo regular and timely cleaning", the spokeswoman said.

However, he's not fussed about being dismissed from his post at the restaurant in LaPlace, Louisiana - and being slapped with a lifetime ban from the eatery.

"Our primary goal is to operate a clean and safe restaurant". I strategically planned this because I start working at my new job Friday'. In a statement, the Chinese division defended its cleanliness in a blog post, according to Reuters.

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