Published: Sun, July 23, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Five-year-old fined £150 for selling lemonade

Five-year-old fined £150 for selling lemonade

A British man whose daughter was fined $A247 for setting up a lemonade stall has described how four council officials told him to shut it down as he held the crying five-year-old in his arms. "'But don't worry, it is only [$117] if it's paid quickly, ' the officer added".

According to The Independent, the five-year-old and her father had made a decision to sell cups of lemonade to hundreds of people who were attending the Lovebox festival in nearby Victoria Park.

"She was very upset and had to watch fearless a few times to calm down", he said.

"My daughter clung to me screaming 'daddy, daddy, I've done a bad thing.' She's five.

She sobbed all the way home and was telling me: "Dad, I've done a bad thing"." said Dad Andre Spicer, who is a professor at City, University of London.

"People started buying lemonade - they were very happy and felt it was contributing to the community".

Fortunately, Tower Hamlets Council have since seen sense, cancelling the fine and issuing an apology.

But after about half an hour, several enforcement officers came up and began reading lengthy legal notice before writing a fine. A spokesman for the council stated that they expressed regret for the incident ever having occurred as they expected their "enforcement officers to show common sense and to use their powers sensibly".

Speaking to the BBC a council spokeswoman said, "We are very sorry that this has happened".

Needless to say, Spicer's daughter did not have a license to sell homemade lemonade.

Instead, he says, they issued a fine that totaled $190, for operating the stand without a license. While the officers were just doing their job they could have handled the matter without scaring the child. Children are under a lot of pressure these days and are often not encouraged to take risks. "This clearly did not happen", the statement read.

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