Published: Wed, July 05, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Etihad Responds To US Laptop Ban Removal From Its Airports

Etihad Responds To US Laptop Ban Removal From Its Airports

Recently it chose to drop its ban from Etihad Airways.

On Sunday, Etihad Airways has announced that in response to the US's drop of the laptop ban on its airport, it has met the US's new security standards and increased the number of its passengers traveling to the US.

It requires enhanced screening of passengers and devices at 280 airports globally, impacting 180 airlines.

Now Emirates is working to implement extra security measures of its own in a bid to acquire a laptop ban exemption too. Therefore, Etihad has taken the initiative because it operates more than 40 flights weekly to six American cities and does not want to lose out on passengers because of any ban.

In March, the U.S. introduced a ban on carrying large electronic devices into the passenger cabins of aircraft flying from 10 airports including the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

It is the responsibility of officials of the seven affected airports to ensure that larger electronic devices are not allowed in cabins of nonstop flights to the United States.

Late last month, the U.S. demanded authorities in 105 other nations carry out more thorough checks on passengers and devices but stopped short of extending the laptop ban.

Emirates said in a statement on Tuesday it is "working hard in coordination with various aviation stakeholders and the local authorities" to put the heightened security measures and protocols in place.

Turkish Airlines said on Monday it expected the ban to be lifted on flights from Turkey on July 5.

"We welcome the decision by the USA department of homeland security to lift the electronic devices ban on flights between Abu Dhabi and the United States, following the successful validation of security measures at the U.S. preclearance facility at Abu Dhabi airport", said a statement from the carrier.

Saj Ahmad, an analyst with the London-based StrategicAero Research, said that he believed that Emirates will eventually succeed in getting the electronics ban removed on its flights.

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