Published: Tue, July 18, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Dragon Ball Fighterz adds Trunks, plans closed beta

Dragon Ball FighterZ gives fans of all skill levels the opportunity to feel like their favorite DRAGON BALL character. The closed beta will include nine playable characters for players to try out, and future Trunks will be one of them.

Speaking today at the EVO Championships, Tomoko Hiroki, who is responsible for producing the upcoming ArcSys game Dragonball FighterZ, announced that, next week, two more characters would be revealed for the hyped anime fighter.

In an interview with Shonen Gamez at EVO 2017, Hiroki, alongside Arc System Works director and technical artist Junya Motomura, revealed more Dragon Ball FighterZ details. That is, of course, if Goku, Gohan, and Majin Buu shown in the character portraits at the end of the trailer are included in the roster.

Vegeta, the Saiyan's crown prince and Trunks' father, has also been added to the roster.

Aside from those that are already mentioned, Bandai Namco Entertainment hinted on the possible inclusion of the dojo founder, Tien Shinhan, and the Namekian fighter, Piccolo. The game also encourages players to train and master more than one fighter and style, delivering richer gameplay and motivation to take down the competition.

You can see Trunks in action in the trailer above, which shows him using plenty of moves that will be familiar to any Dragon Ball fans.

In the trailer, Trunks is seen fighting other popular Dragon Ball Z characters such as Frieza and Vegeta.

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