Published: Sun, July 09, 2017
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Black Caucus urges Williams not to play ball with Trump's election commission

Black Caucus urges Williams not to play ball with Trump's election commission

The state's election commission said it would not be able to grant some of the federal government's request anyway, even if state law allowed for it because it does not keep a record of a voter's party affiliation. Interestingly, Secretary of State Connie Lawson is a member of the commission but was forced to issue her own statement declining the request of further information. Missouri says it will comply in part. Others, including Oregon, Indiana, Colorado and Washington, are restricting federal access to information that is already public.

Booker said the information should be kept private over concerns of the ways it might be used.

Detzner, though, says that Social Security numbers are exempt from the Sunshine Laws.

"And yet we continue to see efforts to discourage, marginalize, otherwise suppress voters all across our country", he said. In Missouri, your social security number is not public. It is the basic information - name, address, etc. - not the sensitive information like last four SSN.

Ashcroft said he will provide what he said his predecessors have provided.

The list of items to be discussed at the first meeting include the "Proposed Interim Enforcement Policy for "Volunteer mail" Exemption" as well as "Discussion of Commission's Response to Alleged Foreign Interference in American Elections" and "Management and Administrative Matters". ME has essentially joined a list of states denying compliance with the commission's requests.

After Detzner's letter was released, Braynon said he realizes the public records laws must be followed.

Ashcroft said he has no statistics on whether voter fraud is relevant in Missouri but he cited incidents he said show it does occur including but not limited to the election of Missouri Representative John Rizzo.

"Centralizing sensitive voter registration information from every US state is a potential target for nefarious actors who may be intent on further undermining our electoral process", she added. The SEC has determined that the agency is not permitted to share voter data with anyone from outside the state. He won the Electoral College, one that counts, 304 to 227. "At present, 20 states have agreed to provide the publicly available information requested by the Commission and another 16 states are reviewing which information can be released under their state laws", it claims.

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