Published: Thu, July 20, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Ads start appearing on some HTC QWERTY keyboards

Ads start appearing on some HTC QWERTY keyboards

It also means that HTC could be in the process of removing the ads for good.

The default keyboard on HTC phones is actually built by a company called TouchPal, and it's possible that the company added ads to the keyboard without even notifying HTC.

Here's to hoping that HTC gets its fix for these keyboard ads out soon. TouchPal's standalone free version does show ads, however, HTC says its deal was to keep ads off the version installed in the HTC 10.

Update: HTC has reached out to Neowin to provide the following statement:. With ads starting to appear on the default HTC 10 keyboard over the past few hours, a number of users have taken to social media to express their outrage about this situation.

In HTC's defence, the firm has been quick to respond to the complaints and seems as shocked by these adverts as its users. Presumably, TouchPal mistakenly pushed an update for the public version of the app to the HTC version, or just made this change without HTC's approval.

An updated TouchPal keyboard, which HTC had been using as a default on some devices, has started serving banner ads to unsuspecting users of phones like the HTC 10. Unfortunately, not all users will be savvy enough to do this on their own. Meanwhile, angry users have also started leaving negative reviews for the app on the Play Store, and it's quite obvious that if the change isn't reverted, the rating will only be dipping from the impressive 4.3/5 stars that it now boasts. And since they are the customer's first recourse, users will naturally blame them or come to them for solutions or both.

You can install any keyboard on the basis of your use and need. It's safe, and you won't see the adverts too.

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