Published: Fri, June 23, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Withings rebrands as Nokia Health to take on fitness wearables market

Withings rebrands as Nokia Health to take on fitness wearables market

As well as refreshing the hardware line-up, the company has also made a number of changes to Withings' Health Mate app. And while digital health is just the company's latest iteration, consumers seem ready for it.

Nokia has taken Withings to a new level with new products such as the Nokia BPM+ and the Nokia Body BMI Wi-Fi connected scale.

The award-winning portfolio of connected health devices from Nokia marries next-generation sensors within attractive, premium products grounded in human-centric design.

Nokia Health Mate sits at the center of the digital health experience, collecting data from each device to provide insights and trends on weight, activity, sleep and blood pressure. Now, the new Nokia has come up with two products and a revamped app - Nokia Body Scale and Nokia BPM+ blood pressure monitor.

"To face the global health crisis of chronic diseases related to lifestyle and behaviour, we need powerful and engaging tools and solutions", said Nokia Chief Medical Officer, Matthew Diamond, MD, PhD. "Part of the vision here is to enable much more prevention, earlier in treatment, by meeting much more of human beings' needs when it comes to taking control of their health and having a long-term impact".

But the advantage of it being a smart scale is still there - it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to sync it with smartphones and tablets and the accompanying application. Nokia is selling it for $129.95 with its new soft cuff.

Nokia's already re-entered the smartphone space inside 2017, although this is a branding exercise with partner firm HMD being granted use of the Nokia name in its production of Android phones. BPM+ measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate.

Activity and Sleep Trackers: Nokia Steel, a sleek activity and sleep tracking smart watch; and Go, a simple yet advanced activity and sleep tracker.

The BPM+ has been designed for on-the-go monitoring and can store the heart and blood pressure readings when the device is not connected to the mobile.

If you're interested in picking up any of Nokia's health products, you can purchase them from, Amazon, Best Buy, and Bed, Bath & Beyond in the US. Or would the larger company absorb the Withings brand into the Nokia brand, a brand that has been around since 1865?

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