Published: Tue, June 06, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Tory lead narrows to 3 points: YouGov

Tory lead narrows to 3 points: YouGov

The new poll showed 42% support for the Conservatives versus 39% for Labour, a dramatic narrowing of the gap between the parties, which had stood at 16 points in a YouGov poll just two weeks ago.

The claims have been made by Castle Point Labour candidate Joe Cooke, which come as a seat projection by pollster YouGov suggested that the United Kingdom could be heading for a hung parliament, with Labour making gains and Theresa May's Tories suffering losses. The Tories lead by 6 percentage points in a Survation poll, 10 in Kantar, 12 in ICM and ComRes and 15 in Panelbase.

When the prime minister called the snap general election on April 18, some polls showed the government was ahead by 20 points, with the prime minister able to boast record-breaking levels of popularity.

Sterling weakened against the dollar late Wednesday after the YouGov poll but was trading at $1.2857 on Thursday, about 3 cents above where it was trading at the start of the campaign.

The weak pound helped lift the FTSE 100 35 points, or 0.5%, to 7,555 with technology and industrial stocks providing the upward momentum.

However, that lead has fallen to just four points in a YouGov poll with a sizeable 50,000 sample.

But that plan could backfire - Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been successfully focusing his campaign on domestic policy rather than Brexit.

Corbyn, a 68-year-old peace campaigner, has been pulling in big crowds at rallies across the country despite warnings from opponents in his own party that he is leading Labour to the worst defeat in its history.

"Set free from the shackles of European Union control, we will be a great, global trading nation once again bringing new jobs and new opportunities for ordinary working families here at home", she will say, according to quotes supplied by her campaign.

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May will also set out plans on immigration, one of the key Brexit concerns for businesses. Instead, May sent her interior minister, Amber Rudd, who dismissed the leaders as members of a "coalition of chaos".

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