Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
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Theresa May Wants Answers About The London Apartment Tower Fire

Theresa May Wants Answers About The London Apartment Tower Fire

"I really hope it won't, but it may increase", he said. Stuart Cundy told reporters.

Many are demanding answers for how the blaze spread so quickly.

Cundy said that there was no indication that Wednesday's fire was started deliberately, but investigators were still studying why the flames raced so quickly through the 24-story building in west London. Grenfell Tower is a public housing project owned by the local government council and managed by a non-profit known as the Kensington and Chelsea Tenants Management Organization. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William met with volunteers who have been distributing supplies for those affected by the disaster.

Prime Minister Theresa May's government earlier sought to quell anger over the fire, pledging to support the victims of the blaze after protesters jeered her when she visited local residents. But May was expected to visit survivors later Friday.

Residents of the destroyed tower said May was far too slow to visit the stricken community, that the building had been unsafe and that officials have failed to give enough information and support to those who have lost relatives and their homes.

A soccer player says that he will donate 50 pounds (more than $60) for each minute he plays at a European youth tournament to the victims of London's high-rise inferno.

Missing persons posters are displayed on a phone box next to the fire-gutted Grenfell Tower in London. "And therefore, sadly, I have to assume that they are dead", he said. "The bodies have been taken to a morgue, but more bodies remain in the building".

The protest, organized over social media by a group of people who lost their loved ones in the catastrophe, was held amid a heavy police presence.

May ordered a full public ensure that "this awful tragedy is properly investigated".

Told there was a need for the public to hear her say something had gone badly wrong and the Government accepted responsibility, Mrs May said: "Something bad has happened". "We owe that to the families". They say their complaints were ignored - and fear it was because the tower was full of poor people in a hugely wealthy neighbourhood.

As of Friday morning, authorities have not determined the cause of the fire. Grief over a high-rise tower blaze that killed dozens of p.

The aluminium cladding, called Reynobond, was made by U.S. company Arconic and had a polyethylene core, which the reports said was slightly cheaper than fire-resistant models by the same manufacturer. "But we need to make sure that that actually happens".

"But it isn't only just the materials that matter - it's the way they are put together", he said.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said work is starting to check on the safety of 4,000 similar buildings across the country.

Cundy said police had now managed to get to the top of the tower and had undertaken a first visual search for victims, ahead of later painstaking searches.

"There are pressing questions which demand urgent answers", he said.

Frank adds that anger is rising in London about the deaths - for example, a leading tabloid was emblazoned with the headline "Arrest the Killers" while Labour MP David Lammy has said the incident amounts to "corporate manslaughter".

Police can confirm that Mohammad Alhajali, aged 23, who lived in Grenfell Tower has now been formally identified.

He says it will take weeks or longer to recover and identify all the dead in the public housing block that was devastated by a fire early Wednesday.

"Bonds formed in fire are hard to break", read one message. Clothes, food and blankets continued to be brought to local collection points, with some overwhelmed by the generosity.

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