Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Take-Two takes action against more GTA V hack tools

Despite the action against online cheat tools, Rockstar said in 2015 that it had no interest in punishing players for single-player modding.

In particular, Force Hax allowed users to carry out nefarious actions in another user's name, such as kicking other players out of GTA Online, freezing the game so it stops working, or deliberately killing or trapping another user to prevent them from playing the game. "GTA V" has been receiving overwhelmingly negative reviews as thousands of players are unable to enjoy the game because they are unable to access the mods necessary for the experience.

If you haven't been following the uproar that has engulfed the Grand Theft Auto 5 since Take-Two issued a cease-and-desist to popular modding tool OpenIV, here's the short version: People are pissed.

Heading to the Force Hax website now brings up a message from the developers that states: "After discussions with Take-Two Interactive, effective immediately we are ceasing all maintenance, development and distribution of the Force Hax cheat menu services".

As much as the community didn't take the news of OpenIV being shut down well, I doubt many will miss tools like these that exist to annoy the heck out of players that don't cheat. A petition was launched at the end of last week on Change.Org calling for the OpenIV mod to be reinstated. As of publishing, that petition has 53,810 signatures with a goal of 75k. The community is obviously pissed off about this move and it reflects rather poorly on both Rockstar and Take-Two. Of course, there's no telling if reaching its goal will have any actual impact on Take-Two. Since the posting and ban of OpenIV, fans have posted negative reviews on the GTA 5 Steam Store page.

Menyoo's website also has an apology listed in place of all previous content. Menyoo will also be donating earnings to charity, though it is waiting on Take-Two to choose one first.

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