Published: Sat, June 17, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Sony unveils new 'Spider-man' game at E3 expo

With games like Gran Turismo Sport and Destiny 2 (with timed-content exclusivity) on the near horizon, and God of War, Days Gone and now Spiderman around the corner, things are looking up-and-up. There's a new Spider-Man game that's being developed by Insomniac Games.

For the unfamiliar, PlayStation Plus is an annual subscription service, which permits subscribers to access a library full of games while playing games online with other players. Comparing this year's gameplay trailer to the incredible Spider-Man reveal trailer from last year, the developer explained that "you're seeing improvements across the board". For example, Sunset Overdrives and last year's Ratchet and Clank titles both stayed exclusively on their respective console platforms.

The new PS4 game has been created to provide "one of the most artistic, emotional, and celebrated games ever made available for a new audience" its developers explain. We got a big chunk of information on the Spider-Man game's universe from the creative director, but there are even more details to check out.

This is why it is no wonder if Sony takes a dive of inspiration from the aforementioned title in developing the Spider-Man game.

The new game-play footage lasted around 10 minutes and showed off a variety of elements to the game. Negative, which he may or may not be the main antagonist in the game.

The gameplay demo for Spider-Man ended the conference with a helicopter chase sequence.

According to the team working on the game, the best Spider-Man stories are the one that see the life of Spider-Man intertwining with that of Peter Parker, and frankly, we agree.

The best part about this game for me is that it isn't just another video game for a movie. Insomniac ended their trailer with a bit of a tease by throwing Miles Morales in at the end.

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