Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
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Shania Twain's Latest Single Proves She's Still The One, Twitter Agrees

Shania Twain's Latest Single Proves She's Still The One, Twitter Agrees

After 15 years of marriage, Ms.

Ultimately, Shania admits she let the opportunity pass her by. It's her first live show on this side of the pond in over a decade. It's hardly surprising then that Twain's latest single takes things to the poppier side of the musical spectrum. "And the first single #LifesAboutToGetGood, is yours today", she tweeted to her 848,000 followers.

The Queen of country music has been on an extended break from music, leaving us waiting a long time for new matierial. "I wish it could be out now", the songwriter admitted. The single is from the artist's new album Now, slated to come out on September 29. She describes the single as being about "finding independence" and "scaring the hell out of myself".

Twain has posted several other snaps recently leading up to the big announcement declaring it to be the "Summer of Shania". Once you overcome the shock that she hasn't aged since the turn of the millennium, there's a realization that Shania represents a lost art. Another asserts her own determination to "get strong" with the understanding that "it hurts to heal." . Twain penned this song herself, and has claimed before that the songs in Now were inspired by a hard phase of her life.

"Life's about joy, life's about pain", Twain sings on the new track.

Yes, that's Shania taking it back to her iconic 90s leopard print fierceness. She was diagnosed with dysphonia, a vocal cord disorder, in 2011.

Speaking of sports, the Canadian native helped a dad from Texas during a game of baseball history, not too shabby.

The Now artist hasn't had the best time, during her hiatus. That makes Twain's new album, Now, much anticipated by fans who might have expected the singer to stay retired.

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