Published: Fri, June 30, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Rural Road Conditions in ME and the Nation

Rural Road Conditions in ME and the Nation

TRIP, a national transportation research group released a new report titled "Rural Connections: Challenges and Opportunities in America's Heartland".

North Carolina had 885 rural traffic deaths in 2015 - the most-recent year studied, according to the report by TRIP, a Washington, D.C. -based transportation research group.

"Having safe and reliable roads is a continuous challenge for the agriculture industry and Michigan's rural communities".

"Traffic fatality rates on rural roads are also higher than on urban roads, partly because rural roads are less likely to have adequate safety features and are more likely than urban roads to have two lanes", the TRIP study said.

"Rural roads are far too often overlooked. North Carolinians who live and travel on rural roads deserve a transportation system that is safe, sufficient and reliable".

"Maintaining roads and bridges in MI, and most states, remains a challenge after decades of under investment", he said. In February, S.C. Department of Transportation Secretary Christy Hall presented the State of the SCDOT report, saying that 6,812 crashes resulting in death or serious injury had occurred in the state's rural areas.

Vanderbilt said she avoids some roads because she believes the pot holes will damage her truck. Only 36,500 miles of the state's total road network are eligible for federal aid from the US government, according to MDOT. Rural America is home to an aging and increasingly diverse population that is heavily reliant on the quality of its transportation system. Rhode Island recorded the nation's highest rate of rural roads in poor condition, at 41%.

"Fixing the federal Highway Trust Fund with a long-term, sustainable source of revenue that supports the transportation investment needed will be crucial to the modernization of our rural transportation system". A commitment to roadway safety must include fully funding transportation projects and making the Highway Trust Fund solvent. Additionally, it finds that 24% of the roads are in mediocre condition. "With fatality rates rising nationally, repairing and maintaining the nation's roads must be a top priority for elected officials at all levels of government". "Investing in our rural roads will improve safety and efficiency on roadways that are vital to agricultural commerce".

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