Published: Mon, June 12, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Plane turns back to Sydney after hold found in engine casing

Plane turns back to Sydney after hold found in engine casing

Terrified passengers described a massive din soon after flight MU736 took off from Sydney Airport at 8.30 pm (local time) on Sunday, as crew cleared seats near the affected engine and turned the flight back.

The airline said on its Sina Weibo microblog that the plane landed safety and the airline was taking care of passengers' needs.

Images show a massive hole in the engine casing which forced the plan to circle for nearly an hour before touching down safely.

Passengers were put up in hotels at Sydney airport and were expected to depart for Shanghai later on Monday morning.

Aviation expert Greg Waldron of consulting firm FlightGlobal told the BBC that it would be "difficult to say at this early juncture what caused such extensive damage" to the China Eastern plane.

"Oh, I was scared. Yes".

Another passenger, identified only as Eva, said the cabin crew tried to calm passengers and told them to fasten their seatbelts after a noise was heard.

All passengers were unharmed in the impromptu landing, and the carrier is now investigating the incident. Oh, I was scared. Yes.

Nor was there any obvious sign of external damage to the adjacent sections of the wing and fuselage of the China Eastern A330 to the failed engine.

China Eastern's Zhang said a comprehensive investigation would involve aviation authorities from Australia and China.

Passengers reported hearing loud noises after the plane took off.

The airline spokeswoman said the audio was a "communication between our flight crew and air traffic control".

"The engine for the aircraft is a big issue so we need to investigate with the governments, with the Rolls Royce company and with our headquarters as well", she said.

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