Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
Medical | By Garry George

No longer the hot new thing? Teen vaping falls, study says

No longer the hot new thing? Teen vaping falls, study says

According to a new report released yesterday (15th June 2017) by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the number of teenagers who use e-cigarettes and other tobacco products is on the decline for the first time in years.

Teen smoking rates have hit new lows in the USA and, for the first time, fewer high school students are trying e-cigarettes, new data show. It is also clear from these most recent numbers that youth are continuing to experiment with, or becoming regular users of, a wide range of other tobacco products.

The National Youth Tobacco Survey results, released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), show that we are well on our way to finishing smoking for good. But she cautioned that the picture was very uneven among subgroups, with the high school smoking rate in West Virginia more than double the rate in California, for example.

Among all middle school students, the most commonly used products after e-cigarettes were: cigarettes (2.2 percent), cigars (2.2 percent), smokeless tobacco (2.2 percent), hookah (2 percent), pipe tobacco (0.7 percent) and bidis (0.3 percent).

The decline in cigarette use follows a broad array of public health campaigns and coincides with the rise of vaping. The truth about tobacco and the tobacco industry are at the heart of our proven-effective and nationally recognized truth® public-education campaign, our rigorous and scientific research and policy studies, and our innovative community and youth engagement programs supporting populations at high risk of using tobacco.

Among middle school students, 4.3% reported e-cigarette use, while roughly 2% reported smoking traditional cigarettes or cigars or using smokeless tobacco.

One limitation of the study is that researchers didn't have detailed data to determine how often current or former e-cigarette users and cigarette smokers had used these products, the authors note.

In the United States, 2,500 youths under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarette, and 400 become daily smokers.

Public health officials in the USA focused on harm reduction argue policymakers could learn a lot from the British approach to tobacco addiction. In a statement Thursday about the new CDC data, Gottlieb said that while the latest numbers "are encouraging, it is critical that we work to ensure this downward trend continues over the long term across all tobacco products".

So with a decrease after many years of increased e-cigarette use among young people, public health experts want to make sure the rates keep shrinking.

It was seen from the results of the analysis of the reports that from 2015 to 2016 the rate of adolescents and high schoolers that use e-cigarettes, hookahs and other tobacco products that are combustible, has dropped significantly. "They are the most commonly used tobacco products among youth in the US, with more than 2.2 million youths using them". The survey asked them to consider the potential harms of every electronic vapor products, including e-cigarettes, hookahs, hookah pens, vape pens and e-cigars.

It reveals that nine percent students reported that they had smoked cigarettes, even a puff or two.

The liquid used in e-cigarettes comes in fruit and candy flavors like cherry and peppermint.

But it dropped to about 11 percent previous year, the CDC said.

E-cigarettes were the most commonly used tobacco product, King said.

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