Published: Tue, June 27, 2017
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Louisville, Pitino await NCAA discipline in escorts case

Louisville, Pitino await NCAA discipline in escorts case

"None of us do not feel extreme remorse, regret everything that went on inside that dorm. We are disappointed that he was not cooperative", Postel said. But this is over the top. "I think they should just move on and let these guys do their thing".

"Without dispute, NCAA rules do not allow institutional staff members to arrange for stripteases and sex acts for prospects, enrolled student-athletes and/or those who accompany them to campus", said the panel of its decision.

That leaves us struggling to square the penalties with our reality.

The NCAA accused Louisville of four serious violations and criticized the conduct of coach Rick Pitino for failing to monitor a former basketball staffer who hired escorts and strippers for sex parties with recruits and players.

No Division I men's basketball title has ever been vacated. "Therefore, he did not meet his responsibility to ensure violations were not occurring", the report stated.

The long-awaited announcement reiterated the NCAA's original view that Pitino should have known about McGee's activities with former escort Katina Powell. He gets to keep his job, and he can coach the non-conference schedule. "We're extremely contrite about what went on", he said.

According to Metcalf, it is unclear if the Cardinals will lose their 2012-2013 National Championship. The other penalties Louisville received include vacating wins in which ineligible players participated, placing the basketball program on four years' probation, and issuing a 10-year show-cause order for McGee, Louisville's former basketball operations director.

McGee, the former director of basketball operations, has received a 10-year show cause order while former assistant coach Brandon Williams serves a one-year show cause order.

In October 2016, the NCAA charged Louisville with four major allegations tied to McGee's misdeeds. Yes, Pitino and Louisville may yet win on appeal. During that period, any NCAA member school employing the former coach must restrict him from holding any athletically related duties and from having any contact with prospects and their families.

"For 35-some-odd years, I've had a lot of faith in the NCAA and have reacted that way accordingly as a head basketball coach - in the belief of their rules".

Based on the standard in the Pitino case, though, that may not be good enough - for Freeze or any other coach falling afoul of the NCAA rulebook in future years.

"The person responsible for these activities, Andre McGee, long ago left the university, and he has yet to cooperate with investigating officials", Postel's statement said.

And in a state where one college hoops rivalry matters more than anything else, one of the few things Louisville had on Kentucky's John Calipari was that his Final Fours at UMass and Memphis had been vacated by the NCAA. The panel noted it has not previously encountered a case like this, and that the violations were severe and were meant to provide a substantial recruiting advantage for the university.

The NCAA accepted Louisville's self-imposed penalties including a postseason ban for 2015-16, loss of two scholarships for 2016-17.

"I didn't see this coming, to be perfectly candid with you", Jurich said. "So, I think it's time to move on". Both were suspended for nine games - 30 percent of the season. At this point, when college sports are involved, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise. "All of us are".

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