Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Kayleigh Morris removed from Big Brother House over 'threatening behaviour'

Kayleigh Morris removed from Big Brother House over 'threatening behaviour'

Big Brother immediately called her to the Diary Room to cool off and sent her to a secret bedroom to spend the rest of the night away from the rest of the house.

Obviously the outspoken Newcastle young woman wasn't about to take the words lying down and hit back in her column for Star Magazine, calling the former Hollyoaks actress "attention seeking" and "a mess".

And, while many viewers agree it was the right thing to remove her, many believe that Chanelle should also have lost her place in the house too.

Kayleigh Morris was removed from the Big Brother house following an explosive confrontation with fellow housemate Chanelle McCleary, where she threatened to "smash her face in" with a sharp object.

"I know exactly who I'm voting for already and I know who's going to vote for me also", Kieran replied. "I think she will 100 per cent try and get in any guys" trousers, really.

Probing the beauty, the TOWIE star then asked her if she would snog him given the chance.

The former Hollyoaks actress, 24, suggested that she would strike up a romance on the reality show in attempt to make ex Lewis Bloor jealous. "Maybe to miff off Lewis Bloor, or just for a bit of air time?"

She added: "True fucking colours now, you stupid c***".

Well, that escalated VERY quickly...

"She said: "I was just defending myself against Chanelle". Absolutely gobsmacked in fact, so I spoke to her last night to get her side of the story.

'Why would anyone want to copy Steph? I had no warning or final warning yet she's demonstrated aggressive physical behaviour in the last 13 days. She obviously only made these comments to get attention'.

Sukhvinder said upon leaving the Big Brother house: "People are selfish and self-absorbed and don't really give a s*** about other people".

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