Published: Fri, June 30, 2017
Medical | By Garry George

Italy Threatens to Block Ships Carrying Migrants

Italy Threatens to Block Ships Carrying Migrants

A total of 76,873 migrants and refugees reached Italy between January 1 and June 28, compared to 67,773 in the same period previous year, according to Interior Ministry data published on Wednesday.

It has been reported that the government has given its ambassador to the EU, Maurizio Massari, a mandate to raise the issue formally with the European commission to seek permission for a drastic revision of EU asylum procedures.

The Italian government is stressing the socio-economic impact on certain regions in Italy, arguing that the situation is "unsustainable".

If Italy goes ahead with its threat, EU Frontex operations would not be up for discussion since they are governed by worldwide law.

Several of the NGOs have financial ties to globalist billionaire George Soros, who has openly admitted that his goal is to bring down Europe's borders.

One of the reasons behind Italy's proposal to close its borders is to try to stop migrants from moving North Africa. At the current rate, and with months of good sailing weather ahead, the number of migrants is on track to exceed the 200,000 who landed in Italy in 2016.

Italy is "a country under pressure, and we ask the help of our European allies", he said on Thursday at a press conference in Berlin.

After meeting Ambassador Massari on Wednesday, EU migration commissioner Avramopoulos praised Italy's exemplary behavior to date and agreed: "Italy is right that the situation is untenable".

The populist Five Star Movement has also called for a halt to new migrant arrivals in Rome. Often that country is Italy.

"We are now facing an biblical exodus", said Paolo Romani, head of ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi's opposition Forza Italia party in the upper house of Parliament.

About 73,380 migrants have already been taken to Italy this year, up 14 per cent year on year, as traffickers exploit the political turmoil in Libya to run a multimillion dollar smuggling operation. In the past, the European Union has tried to curb the migrant flow by working with various authorities in Libya, which is divided between rival governments and their militia backers, but to little avail.

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