Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Indonesian police: 4 foreign inmates escape from Bali prison

Indonesian police: 4 foreign inmates escape from Bali prison

One of the men, Australian Shaun Davidson, 33, had less than three months left on his sentence after he was jailed a year ago for violating immigration law.

It is believed the four made a dash for it through a tunnel found behind the jail's medical clinic.

"We will investigate if there's involvement from other prisoners or guards", Mr Nainggolan said, with police adding that they were also looking into whether the men received any help from the outside.

Badung Police chief, Yudith Satriya Hananta, said police had put a ban on any of the four escapees from exiting Bali through any travel gates.

A search is underway to find the missing men.

The other three inmates to escape are Dimitar Nikolov Iliev, Sayed Mohammed Said and Tee Kok King Bin Tee Kim Sai.

He had been convicted of immigration violations and given a one-year sentence.

Prison governor Tonny Nainggolan admitted authorities never suspected the cement cover near the jail's clinic disguised an escape tunnel.

"It was built for 300 people, there is 1200 there", he said, Nine News reported. They don't give you any food, they don't give you a bed. "It's pretty hard for some of the locals - if you don't have money to get food you don't eat". "They don't give you anything".

Tonny said there were more than 1300 prisoners in the notoriously overcrowded jail.

Prison escapes in Indonesia are not unusual.

"I guess I'm just lucky enough to have support from the outside", he said.

The escape in Bali comes just days after dozens of inmates swam through flood waters to escape an Indonesian jail in Jambi province after one of its walls collapsed.

Last month, more than 440 inmates fled a jail in Pekanbaru City on the island of Sumatra after prison guards let them out of their cells to pray.

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