Published: Thu, June 22, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Governor urges lawmakers to end 'unnecessary' budget impasse

Governor urges lawmakers to end 'unnecessary' budget impasse

State Senate Democrats approved a $37 billion budget with $3 billion in cuts and an income tax increase in May.

"There is no need for a tax increase in the state of IL until we've done the structural reform that we have to to prove that we have earned a tax increase", Ives said.

The standoff also threatens enrollment at the state's colleges and universities.

Nevertheless, Gov. Rauner, despite his philosophical opposition to tax increases, said he would accept some new revenue and tax increases, if the Democrats would agree to some of his reforms. The 2018 fiscal year begins July 1.

"Last week, we reviewed a compromise budget plan that I can sign - that we can all support", Rauner said.

IL now has close to $15 billion in backlogged bills.

Unpaid bills are piling up.

She's a Democrat, so it fits the Republican narrative that all Democrats are in Madigan's pocket. But, in the end, it appeared heavy on taxes and light on reforms, so the Republicans, led by Rauner, backed away.

The first day of a costly special legislative session aimed at solving Illinois' unprecedented budget crisis got off to a slow start with both the House and Senate adjourning quickly Wednesday without making any substantive progress.

"I will say that schools are probably going to be the biggest pressure point". Among them are term limits for lawmakers, a four-year property tax freeze and new workers' compensation laws that would reduce costs for employers. The Senate, which also convened Wednesday, will also meet privately. And, there are a few other, more minor matters, to be worked out.

"Tonight we'll hear yet another speech about a state budget from the Governor, the fourth like it he's given", Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a statement.

Getting the Republican measure passed through the Democrat-controlled General Assembly will be near impossible, given Democrats' response.

"Governor Rauner, your actions speak louder than your rhetoric".

Ahead of the special session, Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin said his goal is to get to a "real, sincere, genuine discussion about resolving the budget impasse". Calling him a "liar, a fraud and a flake", Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar (who is also running for governor) said the governor's attempts at pretending to be in favor of bipartisan solutions has "gone on for too long". To give our people a future they can believe in. The House and Senate are expected to convene again on Thursday. Two other Democrats have raised over $1 million: Chris Kennedy, nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, and state Sen. Sen.

And Illinois will - literally - lose the lottery if the budget fails.

The Answer, despite what Dan Proft would say, is not always found at Proft's daily (WIND, M-F, 5 to 9 am, 560 AM Radio program). We have continually looked for ways to compromise with the governor without hurting middle-class families, and have worked to find common ground so the governor will finally focus on a budget.

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