Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Germany team to wear black armbands in Helmut Kohl tribute

Germany team to wear black armbands in Helmut Kohl tribute

He is credited with bringing East and West Germany together after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Recall that the Ex-Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl died on 16 June 2017 in his home town in Ludwigshafen, aged 87. "He will be remembered as one of the greats of our time", said President Faure in his message.

Xi said the Chinese people will never forget their old friend for his consistent commitment to promoting China-Germany and China-Europe dialogues and cooperation, his positive contributions to the development of China-Germany relations, as well as his understanding and support for the Chinese people to realize complete national reunification. The changeover was seen by many (including Kohl) as the mainspring of the post-war German "miracle" which returned the country both economically and politically to the first echelon of internationally significant nations. That was followed by a party financing scandal which threatened to tarnish his legacy.

A Roman Catholic, Kohl joined the CDU shortly after its postwar founding.

"When a new spirit began to sweep through Eastern Europe in the 1980s, when freedom was won in Poland, when courageous people in Leipzig, East Berlin and elsewhere in East Germany staged a peaceful revolution, Helmut Kohl was the right person at the right time", said Merkel.

"Helmut Kohl understood that the two things were inseparable". In the early 1990s he became the mentor of a policy of East Germany, now Chancellor Angela Merkel, who in 1991 appointed minister of the first government of unified Germany.

"It was real luck that, at that hard time, leading nations were headed by statesmen with a sense of responsibility, adamant about defending the interests of their countries but also able to consider the interests of others, able to overcome the barrier of prevailing suspicion about partnership and mutual trust", Gorbachev said Friday in a message of condolences released by his foundation.

For his part, Mr Juncker said in a tweet: "Helmut's death hurts me deeply".

"Chancellor Kohl, that great statesman and convinced European, worked with far-sightedness and dedication for the good of the German people and those in neighboring European countries".

"He stood fast to the dream and aim of a united Germany even as others hesitated", she said in a televised statement from Rome.

Juncker described Kohl as the "very essence of Europe".

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