Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Fake TIME magazine covers displayed at Donald Trump's golf club locations

Fake TIME magazine covers displayed at Donald Trump's golf club locations

The phrase was prominently displayed on Trump's Twitter Tuesday after three reporters resigned from CNN after having to retract a story on Russian Federation that they got wrong.

The Time cover apparently even traveled across the Atlantic to Trump's Turnberry club in Scotland, where an employee gave this endearingly Scottish quote: "We used to have a Time Magazine cover up-aye, it was there for ages and ages, as long as I've been here".

On Tuesday, the Washington Post uncovered that the Trump Organization's golf clubs in America and Europe have been displaying a fake Time magazine cover featuring the president.

Devoting thousands of words to its every inept detail, one of the sole joys that remains in the beleaguered Fourth Estate, the Post explains that the cover in question is purportedly from March 1, 2009, a day when no Time issue was published.

The Washington Post contacted TIME Magazine to find out if the cover was, in fact, a fake, and the publication revealed that it was not a real magazine cover. "EVEN TV!" Thus far, the cover has been spotted in at least four of the Trump Organization's 17 worldwide golf clubs, according to The Washington Post.

The real Time Magazine cover is from that period is dated March 2, 2009, and features Kate Winslet. The third story on the fake cover is about the threat of global warming. As the Washington Post pointed out, "Time covers don't yell".

Obviously created by someone close to Trump, aside from the telltale discrepancies including a thinner border around the cover, the fake cover magazine uses exclamation points, because. He has claimed before that he has "the all-time record [of cover photos] in the history of Time magazine", which is, of course, not true.

However, the fake cover is good for one thing - DJ lessons.

Trump's first real appearance on the cover of the magazine was January 16, 1989. "We won't tell anyone it's fake".

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