Published: Wed, June 14, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

DUP head: Talks with UK Conservatives going well

Mrs May answered more than 20 questions in the hour-long meeting, and was warmly received by MPs in the group.

A DUP spokesman told AFP there had been a break in tasks due to parliamentary business.

Ms May has not indicated she would agree to any of these requests, although the DUP deal could be a chance for the Prime Minister to make several U-turns without admitting they were deeply unpopular during the campaign.

Corbyn warned against a "coalition of chaos" between the Conservatives and the DUP and said Labour was ready to provide "strong and stable leadership", mocking two slogans used by May during the campaign.

Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May first triggered the Article 50 mechanism to leave the bloc nearly three months ago, with formal discussions due to begin on 19 June.

But the prospect of a deal has caused consternation in Dublin, with Ireland's outgoing premier Enda Kenny warning that such an alliance could upset Northern Ireland's fragile peace.

The power to reform the legal status quo in Northern Ireland on those contentious social issues is devolved to Stormont, so should not factor at Westminster - unless of course the current talks to restore power-sharing fail and direct rule is reintroduced.

The former Conservative prime minister told the BBC on Tuesday afternoon he was "concerned", "wary" and "dubious" about the proposed agreement.

She said: 'We are going into these talks with the national interest at heart.

A cross-party Brexit Commission was also reportedly discussed to ensure an orderly withdrawal from the European Union.

The Brexit negotiations with the European Union (EU) were set to kick off on Monday, which have now been delayed until later next week.

"My preoccupation is that time is passing - it's passing quicker than anyone believes".

Barnier told the Financial Times that the United Kingdom government needs to start talks "very quickly" and that it needs to appoint a team of negotiators that are "stable, accountable, and with a mandate".

With the two-year clock on Brexit ticking since March, when a letter from May formally started proceedings, Barnier dismissed the suggestion of postponing the negotiations and said such a delay would prompt only further instability.

May is under pressure to take on a more cross-party approach to the negotiations surrounding Brexit. We haven't negotiated, we haven't progressed.

Rishi Khosla, the chief executive of OakNorth Bank, said the uncertainty around the minority government will hurt the economy for the next couple of years, but in the end it will be a better result for Britain.

Large global banks in London plan to move about 9,000 jobs in the next two years to financial centres that will stay in the European Union, including Frankfurt, Paris and Dublin, so they can continue selling their services across the bloc after Brexit, according to a Reuters' tally of job warnings.

The draft law would empower Europe to decide if post-Brexit London has the right to host financial market "clearing houses" that deal in euros, the EU's single currency.

May will visit Paris for talks with President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday as she tries to give the impression of business continuing as usual in spite of her troubles at home. The two leaders will hold their bilateral dialogue as they attend a France vs England global friendly football match.

"The deal will be done", said Jon Tonge, professor of politics at Liverpool University.

"Going overseas and being seen to be the prime minister and talking to the president of France, being seen to be wheeler-dealing on the global stage, is a classic move to shore up authority at home", he told AFP.

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