Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Conservative Serbia to get first openly gay prime minister

Conservative Serbia to get first openly gay prime minister

According to German worldwide broadcaster, DW, Brnabic told RTV: "I don't like when being gay is used as an indicator of personality".

Following the news the Republic of Ireland welcomed its first gay politician to become the next taoiseach (prime miniser) earlier this month, it's now the turn of Serbia to make history in politics.

The Balkans are to get their first female and homosexual premier after Serian President and former premier Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday took the unprecedented step of giving state administration and local self-government minister Ana Brnabic the mandate to form a new government.

The new government will have to "preserve full discipline in spending and carry on with hard reforms, " as well as "improve Serbia' standing both in the West and in the East, " he said.

Pro-Russian opposition official Bosko Obradovic says US -educated Brnabic is "a foreign agent" who was nominated to the position by the West. "She will be working, together with all other ministers, on a better life for Serbia". Ms Brnabic is now government minister of public administration and local government.

Vucic's populist party has a big majority in the assembly, and it is expected that her government will be approved. Her appointment a year ago by Vucic was praised by rights groups in a country whose LGBTQ communities have suffered decades of prejudice, discrimination and violence.

"Hopefully this will blow over in three or four days, and then I won't be known as the gay minister", she told the Associated Press at the time. Pro-Russian nationalists have blasted the choice. "We fear that Serbia under Ms Brnabic and Mr Vucic will resurrect the "EU has no alternative" concept, even if that means imposing sanctions on Russia", Zaric said.

The leader of opposition party Dveri, Bosko Obradovic said it is evident that Western power centres have greater confidence in Brnabic than in any member of SNS or its coalition partners, RTS reported. Markovic-Palma previously said he would never approve a PM who didn't have at least two children. Her appointment had made headlines for she was the first gay minister in the Serbian Cabinet.

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