Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Brexit talks left hanging as May tries to form alliance

Days after Mrs May lost her parliamentary majority in a failed electoral gamble, she welcomed the leader of the DUP to Downing Street in a bid to gain the support of its 10 MPs. "I think it's unlikely there will be any announcement today", a DUP spokesman said.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn countered with a bit of previously unseen swagger, wearing a huge red rose - his party's symbol - in his lapel as he sparred with May and taunted her about the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming vote on her legislative program, known as the Queen's Speech.

Speaking at Westminster, the prime minister did not mention the ongoing deliberations as she addressed MPs but called on parliament to "come together in a spirit of national unity" to deal with the challenges facing the country.

According to Sky sources, "significant progress" has been made in discussions so far and both sides anticipate an agreement will be made by Thursday at the latest.

It comes amid concerns the Government will compromise its stated impartiality in the region if it enters a confidence and supply deal with the DUP at Westminster.

"Ruth Davidson has been very clear on that, she actually went out to Northern Ireland and set that out, so they can't be in any doubt where they stand on these issues".

Pressed on reports of secret talks between Cabinet ministers and Labour MPs, Mr Gove said the two parties had a "similar" position on Brexit and the reality of the hung parliament meant the Government would have to "work with everyone".

"This new arrangement is very unsettling and people are concerned and anxious about what it may mean", Sinn Fein MP Michelle Glidernew told AFP.

"So there is a lot of anxiety and a lot of fear out of what is being discussed". Demonstrators denounced what they called the homophobic and sexist values of the party, and argued that a Tory pact with the DUP could put the Northern Irish peace process at risk.

The talks with the DUP follow her apology to Conservative rank-and-file lawmakers in a meeting for the party's poor election result.

Arlene Foster says she hopes to conclude the talks soon.

Instead, the devastating blow has left May weakened among her Conservative Party and thrown open her Brexit strategy to criticism from peers, some of whom are not in favour of the current plan to leave the European Union single market and customs union.

In the talks to restore the assembly, which began on Monday, issues such as the introduction of an Irish language act, supported by Sinn Féin but opposed by the DUP, could also prove crucial. "We are ready as soon as the United Kingdom itself is ready", he said. Foster said on Twitter.

As talks go on, the European Union unveiled plans to give itself new powers over London's banking business after Brexit, in what could be a blow to the city's supremacy as a global financial hub.

Before the election, May proposed a clean break from the European Union, involving withdrawal from Europe's single market, limits on immigration and a bespoke customs deal with the EU.

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