Published: Mon, June 26, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Bartlett Man Marks World Blood Donor Day With 100th Donation

Bartlett Man Marks World Blood Donor Day With 100th Donation

The day symbolizes awareness on the need of safe blood, blood products and also thanks to all the blood donors or rather we would say life-savers. "The day to day reality is that we have patients who walk in with significant medical conditions, and who need blood just to maintain their health or their lives".

Rose Marie Wilson says blood donations have saved her life countless times. Also 57 countries collect 100% of their blood supply from voluntary unpaid donors.

In Islamabad alone, he said, 68,000 blood donations were collected and used a year ago.

It is essential that you must have a minimum weight of 50 kgs to donate blood there is not a single thing beyond that when it comes to relate weight with blood donation.

The 57-year-old policeman has been giving blood since he was 18.

The day is also a day to encourage more to give blood voluntarily and regularly. "For instance, globally only 7 percent of the people have O-(negative) blood group, so there may be regular dearth of the same to the patients or victims at critical moments".

Crucially, Nepal already had a substantial supply of blood when the natural disaster struck, thanks to years of work to build a culture of voluntary blood donation.

"Universal access to safe and quality blood is essential if we are to provide comprehensive health care for all", she added.

It said adequate blood supply during emergencies requires a "well-organised blood transfusion service, which can only be ensured with the collaboration of the entire community and with a donor population committed to voluntary unpaid donations throughout the year". This sometimes leads to blood donation dropping down the list of priorities.

"The Blood Bank is very short of blood, especially in Montego Bay, where the crime rate is so high".

You must be above 18 years of age. About 80 per cent of private sector blood transfusion takes place in the major cities, including Karachi and Lahore. Furthermore, blood creation is more only in situations where your body needs it infections or bleeding, not if you are overweight. I know every healthy adult should attempt to donate blood every six months.

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