Published: Sat, June 10, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Ananya Vinay wins Scripps National Spelling Bee competition

Ananya Vinay wins Scripps National Spelling Bee competition

She said she felt "amazing" after her victory, adding: "It was just fun to see how far it would go".

Ananya didn't seem at all anxious about the difficulty of the words and later said: "I knew them all".

Her win also marks the first time since 2013 the Scripps National Spelling Bee declared a sole champion.

The 12-year-old spelled "marocain", which is a dress fabric that is made with a warp of silk or rayon and a filling of other yarns.

As a sixth-grader, she could have come back for two more years, had she fallen short.

Ananya won more than $40,000 in cash and other prizes. No matter who the victor is, a six-year-old Edith Fuller, became the youngest contestant at the Scripps National Spelling Bee who spelt the words "tapas" and "nyctinasty" but failed to win in the finals.

The nonexistent definition for the fake word wasn't enough for Vinay, so she pressed on, asking for the word's language of origin and part of speech. "Weekends, she'll do it, vacations, she'll be like I studied spelling my entire vacation it was so much fun", said Soraya Abedi, friend.

Ananya and Rohan, an eighth-grader from Edmond, Oklahoma, went head to head for nearly 20 rounds.

They looked confident as they spelled their words through the night until Rohan looked down, shaking his head. Her second-round word was "florilegium" and she missed her third round word, "licentious".

The middle school student said she has spent the past year studying "a couple of hours" each day for the bee.

Cheirotompholyx, durchkomponiert and tchefuncte were among the words the two spelled correctly during the round.

What do you think about this year's Spelling Bee victor, HollywoodLifers? She placed 11th in the competition. "And reading, of course".

Finally, the newly crowned champ from Fresno, Calif., gave it a go and spelled it "c-o-f-e-f.e".

According to her she arrived at the competition with high hopes and was disappponted by her performance but will not allow that to derail her ambitions.

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