Published: Mon, May 29, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Trump makes G-7 deal on trade, takes rain check on climate

Trump makes G-7 deal on trade, takes rain check on climate

A joint statement from all seven countries at the summit's conclusion acknowledged that the United States "is in process of reviewing its policies on climate change", while reaffirming the other G-7 members' commitment to addressing global warming.

"The United States of America is in the process of reviewing its policies on climate change and on the Paris Agreement and thus is not in a position to join the consensus on these topics", it said.

"It is unfortunate that the US Government is not yet convinced of the great economic benefits clean energy can provide".

Most reports out of this week's G7 summit saw Trump at odds with the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

Trump announced in a tweet Saturday that he would make his "final decision" this week on whether or not to keep the the landmark accord in which nations agreed to work toward curbing greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change.

"The world's poorest, who least deserve it, are hit hard by the life and death impacts of a changing climate, unstable seasons and a natural world out of balance".

Trump makes G-7 deal on trade, takes rain check on climate

"There is one open question, which is the US position on the Paris climate accords", Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said at the Group of Seven summit in Italy on Friday.

"I'm quite certain the president is wide open on this issue as he takes in the pros and cons of that accord", Mattis said on CBS' "Face The Nation".

The comments from Mattis, in an interview aired today, come after Trump tweeted yesterday that he would take a decision "next week" on whether to stick to or renege on the climate agreement.

Breitbart News has independently confirmed this reporting and that Trump has told others the same thing: that he plans to withdraw the USA from the agreement.

Trump had earlier claimed there is no evidence that humans are causing climate change. Almost 200 countries had pledged support to reduce carbon emissions in the landmark global warming deal.

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