Published: Sun, May 21, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Scotland needs choice on independence at end of Brexit: Sturgeon

Scotland needs choice on independence at end of Brexit: Sturgeon

She said the Labour mandate released by Jeremy Corbyn's party today, including free tuition, ending bedroom tax and to get rid of parking charges, was "familiar in Scotland" because the SNP had already delivered the same policies.

Campaigning in West Linton with Scottish Secretary David Mundell, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said her party's opposition to a second referendum had particular relevance to younger voters. The then chancellor George Osborne, as well as Labour and the Liberal Democrats, said the UK Government would offer Scotland a formal currency union.

The SNP has "completely transformed the infrastructure of Scotland", she added, citing improvements to motorways, the construction of a new bridge across the Forth, and work which has seen "hospitals, health centres and schools rebuilt or refurbished literally in every corner of the country".

Senior EU figures have said Scotland would not be able to inherit the UK's membership and would have to join a lost of five "candidate" countries - Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said: "This was a bruising interview for Nicola Sturgeon".

Speaking on the campaign trail in Dumfries, she said: "We've got schools who are going backwards, we've got college places that have been cut - 152,000 of them - so there are fewer opportunities for people".

The Scottish Government put forward proposals at the end of past year in an attempt to create a bespoke Brexit deal for Scotland - where the vote to remain was 62% - but Ms Sturgeon said they were "dismissed out of hand by the Prime Minister".

She will say it is more vital than ever to have strong SNP voices "standing up for Scotland".

Labour business manager James Kelly said the SNP's 10-years in power had meant a "decade of division" for Scotland.

"In the meantime, there's a big job to done to make sure that as the Brexit negotiations unfold, Scotland's got a strong voice and our interests are to the fore and that again is why having strong SNP MPs is so important".

The First Minister also warned of an "extreme" Brexit being pushed through by Theresa May.

"It may be by necessity, even if we didn't want that. There must be the ability with will on both sides to get an early certainty around these kind of things".

"There will be people in Scotland thinking it is a real missed opportunity". Help me keep out them out and protect this area by voting SNP.

Mr Gethins stated that the First Minister's visit was "to put Europe on the agenda in this election. We have a record on which we are proud to campaign - delivering the best healthcare anywhere in the United Kingdom, helping businesses to thrive, and focusing above all else on education, equipping our young people to achieve the best start in life". The Tories claim they have a "fighting chance" of winning this seat.

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