Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Memorial service, luncheon honor Elgin police officers

Memorial service, luncheon honor Elgin police officers

Baumgart told the participants gathered around the Law Enforcement Center flag pole that while they honored the memory of memory of Winona police officer Matthew Hamilton, State Patrol Cpl.

Immediately following the ceremony at the courthouse, officials will unveil a plaque in the main lobby of the police station commemorating two Bradenton police officers killed in the line of duty, Steve Bennett (1934) and Carl Cox (1970).

Law enforcement officers who died in Pittsfield in the line of duty were honored with flowers being placed next to their pictures.Procession is led by police on motorcycles.

Underwood, a lifelong Idahoan, has served over the past 29 years as a police officer, a probation/parole officer and a prison warden and is now USA marshal for the District of Idaho.

The memorial event ended with the last call to fallen officers by the Dothan Police Communications Center and a closing prayer by Dothan Police Chaplain Tom Skeen.

I hope that you will join me in thanking police officers everywhere for their service and for all that they do for all of us. They risk their lives and put their personal safety at risk to make sure that we are safe. "Some days are harder than others, and we appreciate you taking care of us throughout the year". "We grieve with you, and we share your pain", Pughes said.

Those included the Rev. Peter Gregory, who read an invocation, Sheriff Thomas Bowler, District Attorney David Capeless, Dalton Police Chief Jeffrey Coe, Lanesborough Police Chief Timothy Sorrell, Washington Police Chief Victor Breen, Stephen Marks from the Secret Service, Lt David Buell of the Massachusetts State Police, Det.

"He made the ultimate sacrifice of his job to give his life", she said.

Also, George S. Frame from the now defunct Bassett Police Department was honored, as was John J. Johnston from the defunct Fieldale Police Department.

"I'd really like for the officers that were here to understand that the community supports them and it really encourages them".

A wreath was placed at the Troy Police Department during the ceremony and another at Bicentennial Park after the ceremony.

"Over the coming weeks and months we will be encouraging our own officers and staff to run fundraising events to support the appeal, and we would be delighted if members of the public would consider doing the same".

"You know, whenever I go to a badge-pinning, I always want to let the men and women and their families know we have their back", Patino said before reading the proclamation "Here in Santa Maria, we believe law enforcement's extremely important".

Since 1749 and the creation of the Bow Street Runners over 4,000 men and women have given their lives to serve and protect our communities in the UK.

Officers from across the state paid respect today to the 71 officers that have died in the line of duty in Idaho.

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