Published: Fri, May 26, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Iraqi forces release videos it says counters claims of abuse

Iraqi forces release videos it says counters claims of abuse

The probe concluded that the U.S. strike in the Al-Jadida district inadvertently triggered explosives placed in the building by Daesh fighters, causing it to collapse.

When the 500-pound (227-kg) bomb was dropped on the building targeting the snipers, it triggered explosives inside the concrete structure, collapsing it onto civilians.

According to the, US-led air strikes in Iraq and Syria have killed a record number of civilians under Mr Trump.

"But as long as the conflict in Iraq is still raging, we call on Iraqi and USA -led coalition forces to desist from using explosive weapons with wide area effects, including artillery and mortars in crowded residential areas and to take all feasible precautions to avoid civilian casualties".

Before the release of the investigation, the US -led coalition has acknowledged killing 352 civilians during its almost three-year-old air campaign over Iraq and Syria.

When the coalition targeted snipers on the roof, the explosives detonated, killing at least 101 civilians sheltering in the bottom floors and four civilians in a neighboring structure.

NBC News reported that the deaths represent around 25% of all civilian deaths since the U.S. air campaign was launched. The article also alleges that the unit was trained and supported by USA forces, though it does not indicate US troops took part in the abuses. That estimate is far lower than those provided by outside groups.

Those organising the strike "could not have predicted the presence of civilians in the structure prior to the engagement", it added. He said IS has tried to set up similar incidents since then, prompting Iraqi and coalition forces to adjust combat tactics and watch locations more carefully in advance of strikes.

"The secondary explosion caused a rapid failure of the structure", Isler said.

Mohamed Danoon Jasim, whose relatives also were killed, said the acknowledgment by the "not going to change anything on the ground and will not give us anything".

The report added that an analysis of residual explosive material determined that it was "not consistent with the explosive content of a GBU-38 munition". The report finds there is no proof civilians were herded or forced into the building, but the belief is they were likely there based on what was happening in the neighborhood. Thirty-six additional civilians who were allegedly killed could not be accounted for because of "insufficient evidence to determine their status or whereabouts".

"All of [the building's] walls were rigged with bombs, and there is no hole or signs that it was an airstrike target", the Iraqi military's Joint Command said.

More than seven months into the operation, IS now controls just a handful of areas around the Old City, a warren of narrow streets and closely spaced buildings that provides an ideal environment for the militantss' defence. These claims have rarely been substantiated in Iraq or Syria during this current conflict.

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