Published: Sat, May 06, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

French campaign revs up with rival rallies, May Day marches

Marchers included far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon, who came in fourth in the first-round presidential vote.

Ms Le Pen, who stepped down as FN leader last week in a bid to broaden her appeal, wants to ditch the euro currency and hold a referendum on European Union membership so that France can reimpose border controls and deny state service to non-nationals. The Mediterranean, the cradle of some of history's oldest and richest civilizations.

"Is Emmanuel Macron worse, from the left's point of view, than Jacques Chirac in 2002?" The Mediterranean, the cradle of the oldest and richest civilizations. That same phrase of France's "three maritime borders" with the English Channel, North Sea and the Atlantic was also used by Mr Fillon on April 15.

Le Pen said on France 2 television Monday that she would wait until after the German election this fall to discuss the euro issue with the European Union and to submit the issue to a referendum in France. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen says her new campaign ally, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, would be her prime minister if she is elected.

Fillon and his aides have not commented on Le Pen's move, which puts his Republicans party in an awkward spot. Yet with many backers of first-round candidates considering abstention, the outcome is far from certain and Macron says that he isn't taking anything for granted.

Le Pen, who will go head-to-head with centrist frontrunner Emmanuel Macron on May 7, was accused of taking a leaf out of Melania Trump's book, who was accused past year of lifting parts of a speech delivered by Michelle Obama in 2008.

Couteaux expressed hope it would encourage right-wing voters to unite under a single banner.

Couteaux has past links to both Fillon's campaign and Le Pen, according to French media reports.

Ms Le Pen, leader of the far-Right National Front until she temporarily stood down for the election, will go head-to-head against independent favourite Emmanuel Macron on Sunday. Macron joined the man's son and anti-National Front protesters at an annual commemoration near the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Since December French people thought they had gotten rid of Francois Hollande, that President so hated by the French people, that president who failed France, that president who never presided for the people.

The next president will depend on lawmakers to implement an agenda.

Thousands of trade union activists marched through the French capital and in other cities to demand that France's next president protect workers' rights.

At her final rally in Villepinte, Le Pen called Macron the "continuity candidate" saying that he would just continue the unpopular policies of his former boss François Hollande.

A protestor simply identified as Sophie told Le Monde, "I am against Macron, but the most urgent thing is to stop the Front National from winning".

Le Pen has worked hard to cleanse the FN of xenophobic and anti-semitic associations and make it more appealing to a wider electorate.

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