Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
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Bernie Sanders and John Kasich argue over whether Trump is a 'liar'

Bernie Sanders and John Kasich argue over whether Trump is a 'liar'

He added Trump created a danger to national security by spreading classified information, all while keeping US media out of the meeting. "I don't think we know exactly what happened". Sanders asked what we should call a president who says millions or people voted illegally for his opponent.

Kasich said he was open to the idea of a select special committee but wasn't ready to join Democrats in their call for a special prosecutor.

"Now that he's in, it's like rooting for the pilot on the airplane that I'm on, but sometimes I think we have to get into the cockpit and tell the pilot 'no we need to do something different, '" he said, adding that Trump needs to "understand the gravity of the situation". Gov. Kasich did his best to void saying "yes" when asked if he supported it, pivoting immediately to his preferred narrative about opioid deaths and children using drugs, and how marijuana plays a roll, minor as it is, in this crisis where OH leads the nation in deaths per day with about eight.

But at one point he also suggested each day, everyone absorb 10 minutes of a perspective with which they disagree. Does that show you the average intelligence of the American people? "But I didn't do that because I was mad at him", Kasich said. The graduates are by all reports going to earn 10 percent more than those who don't have a degree, so when the graduates earn more they will pay more in taxes - unless they are Donald Trump. But I'm going to try to figure it out. "And this president had better learn what it's like to be president and not share classified information with people who do not wish us well". He also said the people around Trump should be explaining the gravity of the information he's revealing to Russian officials, and said the firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey wasn't good timing.

Earlier in the town hall, Kasich made clear he wasn't there to defend Trump. "I understand that. There is something unusual about this president". Kasich approached her to listen and hug her, and then dispatched his team to find her the assistance she was seeking. "This is very, very concerning to me".

And then Kasich left without taking questions from reporters, but pausing to sign the woman's book and pose for a photo with her.

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