Published: Mon, May 22, 2017
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Attorneys say 8-year-old was bullied before killing himself

Attorneys say 8-year-old was bullied before killing himself

Then he jumps into the face of another student, in what the detectives says is a menacing manner.

Gabriel, the statement said, "was an outstanding young man, and this is a great loss for his family and our school community".

According to the report, the video shows a child assaulting one child when Taye enters the lavatory, that's when he tries to shake hands with the "primary agitator", he grabs him and throws him violently against the wall.

His mother found him dead in his bedroom a few hours after getting home. He had fashioned a noose from a necktie and used his bunk bed. Before his suicide, the school was not forthright about the attack. Despite their unethical actions, the school believes that they followed protocol.

Now, Branch and Reynolds are hoping that parents and students will come forward with more information.

The Hamilton County coroner said she is reopening the investigation into Gabriel's suicide.

We've also attempted to contact Cincinnati Public School administrators. Meanwhile, the coroner has reopened its investigation into the boy's suicide, and his school district is expected to release video showing the incident.

School officials have been critical of a homicide detective's description of what happened in the surveillance video recorded January 24. "The school also said his vitals were fine and he was alert".

Gabriel only disclosed to his mother that his stomach was hurting. His mother took him the hospital, where she was told he simply had the stomach flu, Branch said.

"Maybe this had been going on for years and she had no idea, so she couldn't help him", Branch said, according to the station.

"I was in the living room at the kitchen table, and I went back to check on my son and I found him hanging", Reynolds told WLWT in Janaury. "Their investigation has concluded and no charges were filed".

It is not clear how soon after the altercation school officials watched the security camera footage of the bathroom.

A request for comment from Cincinnati police on the video's content was not immediately returned on Thursday.

"I saw some concerning events, and I don't even have a child at that school", he told them.

In documents obtained by the Inquirer, a Cincinnati Police homicide detective described the behavior on the video as "bullying and could even rise to the level of criminal assault", if not for the ages of the students involved. Thirteen deaths were recorded for 2016 and seven so far this year. "Covering it up and pretending it's not happening isn't doing anyone any good".

Reportedly, Gabriel had no issues with mental health problems and he was often described as a happy child. Some stop and point at the 8-year-old, while others poke or nudge him with their feet.

On the evening after the incident at school, after Gabriel's mother was told he "fainted", he became nauseous and started vomiting, Branch said.

However school spokeswoman Janet Walsh said previously Carson Elementary had zero reports of bullying in the August-December term.

In the meantime, Reynolds wrote, she can only work to make her son's story known and to help other parents reach out to children who might be dealing with bullies.

"I just feel like enough is not being done, and I feel like stuff is being swept under the rug", the boy's mother, Cornelia Reynolds, told Fox 8 Cleveland.

"What we are going to try to do is determine what kind of physical findings may be attributed to injuries he sustained", she said.

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