Published: Thu, April 27, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Train stuck in tunnel 3 hours, then stun gun sparks stampede

Train stuck in tunnel 3 hours, then stun gun sparks stampede

Chaos ensued at New York's heavily trafficked Penn Station on Friday night when Amtrak Police tased an "emotionally disturbed person," according to NBC 4.

"If you're standing at an airport and you see people in uniform running past you in an obvious state of panic, that really creates panic", said Cuomo, who said he has brought NY state troopers into the city to conduct "specialized training at Penn Station, the large airports (and) Grand Central Terminal". Overall, 16 people were injured, because of the panic.

The overcrowded train station erupted in panic when Amtrak police used a Taser on a man who was causing a disturbance. As it turned out, police had merely tasered a man who had turned belligerent to escort him from the station, and to people nearby, it had sounded like a gunshot. The train had departed from Trenton and was scheduled to arrive at Penn Station in NY at 3:15 p.m. The NJ TRANSIT train lost power in the Northeast Corridor tunnel as it approached Penn Station around 3 p.m.

"Megan", a commuter from the Jersey Shore, told New Jersey 101.5 she had a six-hour commute home on Friday.

Passengers fled from the station in a stampede-fearing for their lives, fearing that a mass shooting was taking place over the holiday weekend, the Daily Mail reported.

Penn Station was packed with commuters when the incident unfolded.

Evening rush hour commuters wait for trains sitting under the departures board announcing that all trains are on stand by at Penn Station, Friday, April 14, 2017, in NY. In the meantime, trains traveling through the north tube will be down to a single track. "We are working with Amtrak to determine the cause of the incident, ' Santoro said".

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