Published: Mon, April 17, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Too much confusion! People now uninstalling Snapdeal in place of Snapchat

Too much confusion! People now uninstalling Snapdeal in place of Snapchat

The suit has sparked criticism and condemnation from Indians, who've subsequently flooded the app with one-star reviews, alongside scathing commentaries blasting Spiegel for his alleged description of their country.

Snapchat users in India have been deleting the app since learning about a comment allegedly made by Snap Inc. "This app is only for rich people", Spiegel said, as told by Pompliano.

The comments came to light after that employee, named Anthony Pompliano, filed a redacted lawsuit containing the comments in January. Snapchat described him as a "disgruntled employee fired for poor performance".

The ex-employee is now engaged in a lawsuit against Snapchat after he accused the company of presenting misleading inflated statistics of user data to its investors.

Responding to the claim, Snapchat said, "This is ridiculous". Many users trolled Snapchat and wrote, "Poor India and Spain needs something much better than Snapchat. On that, I don't think we should take offence", said Ganesh.

There is invariably no connection between Snapdeal and Snapchat, even though the names are slightly similar.

An estimated active user base of 150 million, it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. WhatsApp, for instance, has 200 million users. "Thanks @Snapchat for Uniting us", a user tweeted.

However little did Spiegel know that India may not be poor but it is a strangely united country.

Industry watchers are also confident that the online outrage against Snapchat will be temporary and have no lasting impact.

However, Twitterati continued taking digs at Spiegel without knowing the whole story behind it. Social media is ablaze with articles criticising the statement and memes mocking the statement.

This is not the first time that people are calling for a boycott of Snapdeal.

A day passed since the controversy reached its peak.

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