Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Protesters call on Trump to release his tax returns

Protesters call on Trump to release his tax returns

While claiming that thousands of people who on Saturday demanded Trump finally release his full tax returns were "paid" protesters, Trump tweeted, "The election is over!"

"I did what was an nearly impossible thing to do for a Republican - easily won the Electoral College!"

Saturday's Tax Day protesters called on Trump to release his tax returns, a practice every major presidential candidate dating back to the 1970s has done.

A handful of other Republicans facing irate town hall crowds have said that Trump should release his returns.

The protests were timed to coincide with the traditional April 15 deadline for USA tax filings (though this year the deadline falls on April 18).

KPIX reports, protestors announced they would crash the "Patriot Day" rally organized for people who support the president.

But that didn't stop Trump from tweeting in reaction on Easter.

Images of tax protesters in cities including Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and NY flooded social media. "Now Tax Returns are brought up again?", he tweeted minutes earlier.

Shortly after Trump's inauguration in January, Kellyanne Conway, senior counselor to Trump, told USA media that Trump would not release his tax returns, citing voters' indifference to the issue as one of the reasons. "The president is under audit", Spicer told reporters during the daily news briefing. New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Chicago saw thousands participate in the rallies.

'"If you release them and you're not hiding anything, the American people can feel rest assured that at least our democracy is protected".

During a rally at the U.S. Capitol, U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., said, "how can we determine his conflicts of interests or stop him from receiving payments from foreign governments if he won't show us the names of the people and corporations that he is in active partnership with all over the world?"

Presidents and vice presidents are automatically subjected to tax audits by the IRS as a matter of routine practice - a fact that has not stopped previous holders of those offices from publicly releasing their returns.

But a poll from the Pew Research Center in January found that more than two-thirds of all Americans believe the president has an obligation to release his tax returns.

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