Published: Sat, April 29, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Police Officer Dives To Save Man From Jumping Off Building

Police Officer Dives To Save Man From Jumping Off Building

The Hamden Police Department in CT says Officer Justin Martin was responding to a call of a combative resident at a retirement community.

The rescue took place after staff members alerted police to a combative resident. Body camera footage shows the officer frantically shouting "hey!" as the man tries to throw himself over.

The officer then found the man on the sixth floor exiting a doorway which leads to a roof terrace.

As soon as the man began to dive head-first over the railing, Martin grabbed him by his legs and feet. As he steps outside, the man can be seen attempting to jump a railing, a potential fall that would have landed him six floors down. "(I'm) genuinely there to help.

Martin says as an officer you never know what will happen during a call. He grabbed the resident by his feet and pulled him to safety.

"He was able to help us avert a tragic situation", Rambarose said. "He really risked his life".

"His actions are certainly heroic", Police Chief Thomas Wydra said of Martin, who has been with the department for about three years.

"The man continued to fight with the officer during the rescue" but, eventually, the officer was able to calm him down enough to take him to Yale-New Haven Hospital for evaluation, WTIC reported.

Whitney Center officials couldn't provide any details about the man or his condition.

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