Published: Wed, April 19, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

New Book: Obama Had to Push Hillary to Concede 2016 Election

"The Russian stuff has bothered her a lot", one of her top aides reportedly told the authors. "I'm sorry", she said.

The book also revealed that Clinton apologized to Barack Obama after losing the election.

However, the book claims that Obama urged Clinton to declare defeat and not to "drag it out".

"It's the president", Abedin said.

As the first take on Clinton's doomed campaign, they offer a behind-the-scenes view of the obstacles in her way - some familiar and others a outcome of the shifting American electorate.

"Mr President, I'm sorry", she said. She had let herself down. And she had let her country down.

Around 7:45 on election night, when Clinton and her aides still thought they were headed to the White House, vote-counter Steve Schale told campaign officials they were going to lose the biggest battleground in the country, the Washington Post reported. But over the night, as results from the key swing states were released, the truth dawned gradually on the Clinton campaign that loss was inevitable.

Ever since last November's election night, millions in America and around the world have wondered what happened to Hillary Clinton, who was widely expected to become the first woman president of the United States. She subsequently had a series of upsets in states including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

After calling Trump to concede the race, Clinton phoned Obama.

Then-President Obama was "determined to make sure that his friend understood that the election was over" and that he "didn't see any point in prolonging the inevitable" as he wanted to avoid a "recount mess".

The two candidates were brought to the line and Mrs Clinton conceded.

The call from Obama, according to the book, "crystallized everything for Hillary".

But it seems that the most costly mistake made by the Clinton was not capitalizing on the momentum gained by her rival, Bernie Sanders and failing to inspire passion outside or even within her own campaign. She wasn't ready for this conversation. She ultimately persuaded by the constant pressure by Obama to finally admit she lost.

"Look, I really just want to concede gracefully, wish him the best, thank everybody, and get off the stage", she said.

"There's one good story in the book about after her losing the MI primary, she kind of turned on one of her top aides". In the recording, Sanders was supposed to criticize Republican nominee (now U.S. President) Donald Trump for his views on the economy and the reality of climate change on a global level.He would also advertise Clinton policies on health care, education, and minimum wages.

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