Published: Wed, April 19, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Man accused of stealing more than 100 cellphones at Coachella

A pickpocket at the Coachella Music Festival was caught Friday with more than 100 stolen phones when victims used the "Find My Phone" feature to track him and alerted security to his location.

The man allegedly behind the crimes has been named by local news sources as NY native Reinaldo De Jesus Henao. One thing led to another, and when police officers from the Indio Police Department arrived on scene shortly thereafter, over 100 cellphones were discovered floating around in Henao's backpack.

Reinaldo De Jesus Henao in a photo released by the Indio Police Department on 17 April, 2017. The 36-year-old will have his day in court, but it'll be awfully hard to explain how one person ends up with 130 stolen phones.

Indio Police Sgt. Dan Marshall said: "That type of crime lends itself to what concerts are all about, a lot of people, close proximity, a lot of bumping".

SFGate reports that the man was then arrested by police.

Police said several phones were returned and the others were left at the lost and found.

Henao is being charged with grand theft and possession of stolen property, police said.

Henao's phone-stealing spree was carried out at the music and tech festival Coachella, where his apparently well-honed phone-stealing skills began to spark discussions on Reddit and elsewhere about large numbers of phones having gone missing.

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