Published: Thu, April 06, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Lawmakers Call For Equity On Equal Pay Day

The island nation of just 330,000 people ranked number one on the World Economic Forum's 2015 Gender Gap Rankings, ahead of Norway, Finland and Sweden (the USA was ranked 28th, ahead of Cuba and behind Mozambique). Companies aren't aware of differences between men and women's salaries... The Iowa House Democrats tweeted a picture saying they are fighting for equal pay.

"If the gap were closed", Ness said, "Utah women could afford to buy food for almost two more years, 10-plus additional months of mortgage payments, almost 16 more months of rent or 24.6 more months of child care annually".

On average, black women earn 63 cents to every dollar a white man makes.

Lower wages: Some employers still pay women less for the same job - in violation of the Equal Pay Act and Title VII.

20 Percent Less Pay. and Coffee A female barista leaves work for a haircut, only to have a giant chunk of uncut draped over her face. Republicans have called it a "desperate political ploy", claiming that it's already illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender since the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

Those interruptions can have an impact on earnings, and fewer men said they had done something similar, Pew said.

Such findings are based on false assumptions that women make 20 percent less doing exactly the same work in the same jobs alongside men, without controlling for factors such as varying numbers of hours worked, marital status, education, occupation, children and uninterrupted years of service, Perry said.

The gender pay gap is much larger among African American and Hispanic female workers.

Lack of transparency: Surveys show as many as half of employers have policies that punish their employees who discuss their salaries, a lack of transparency that prevents women from even knowing when they are paid less than their male counterparts.

At a working group hearing last week with companies that are making progress on the pay equity front, the focus was on the other benefits that can help women juggle their professional and personal lives, benefits like schedule flexibility and affordable childcare and elder care. California women only make 86 cents for every dollar paid to men, according to a recent analysis by the National Partnership for Women and Families.

Every woman deserves to get paid what she's worth. Closing the pay gap has always been a priority of feminists, but the workers' rights group Fight For $15 is taking that desire to the streets on this Equal Pay Day. Within the American workforce, Native American women make up only 0.26 percent, and they are especially underrepresented in the private sector, particularly in senior- or executive-level positions.

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