Published: Sat, April 01, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Kids shoe brand slammed for marketing 'high heels for babies'

Kids shoe brand slammed for marketing 'high heels for babies'

Now, these shoes clearly aren't meant for walking and the founder of Pee Wee Pumps says there's no danger to the baby's foot since they're not intended for any child of walking age.

"That's disturbing. Even without the heels the pics would be not even remotely okay", wrote Eva.

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The website describes them as "just like Mom's favourite pair of pumps only in a miniature size". It promises: "Pee Wee Pumps will be your daughter's first fashion statement".

Michele Holbrook set up the company in 2012, after struggling to find a pair of stilettos for her newborn.

Details for the "Wild Child" model claim it is a "ferociously fabulous leopard print" style while the original "Diva" design claims to be "the flawless way to add that flashy finish to a dress, jeans or one-piece romper".

Let Clothes Be Clothes, a United Kingdom group against gendered marketing of children's clothes, posted about Pee Wee Pumps on Facebook earlier this month. Some parents are fans of the cute shoes, claiming they're merely used for just for dress up.

While one parent wrote: "Apart from the tremendously worrying sexualization of children such products contribute to, I don't even want to know the effects these shoes would have on small, developing feet". "Let them play play play and not at being glamour models". "Omg those are so creepy". Babies are supposed to represent purity and innocence and heels are, in my opinion, associated with enhancing some elements of female sexuality.

So whether you love the shoes or hate them - you're not alone.

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