Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz will not run for reelection

House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz will not run for reelection

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said Wednesday he will not run for reelection when his current term concludes at the end of 2018. On Facebook, Chaffetz argued public service should not be for a full career. I preach that you want to get in, serve and get out.

Henderson said she and her family are strongly considering a campaign, and Curtis said Wednesday that he hasn't made any decisions but Chaffetz's announcement "has certainly given me pause for thought about my future".

Chaffetz said that by announcing his decision at this early point, he hopes "to give prospective candidates time to lay the groundwork for a successful run".

"I'm not going to be here forever", Chaffetz said of Washington.

Chaffetz has drawn criticism from many on both sides of the aisle while he has served as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, based on his handling of investigations into both Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump. Josh Romney, son of Mitt Romney, has said he is "strongly considering" running, but that would not stop Chaffetz from joining the race. During that time he sometimes clashed with the committee's Democratic side, in particular over investigations into politically charged issues such as the attack on the USA facility in Benghazi, Libya; Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server; and the administration's responsiveness to his investigations.

Chaffetz frequently targeted Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

In reality, a Democrat in his district, Kathryn Allen, had already raised $400,000 to go up against Chaffetz next November, according to the New York Times, while a primary challenger, Damian W. Kidd, also planned to go up against the congressman. "That Oversight is an incredibly important committee in Congress, so I was frankly surprised by his announcement today".

"Let me be clear I have no ulterior motives", he wrote.

While the natural temptation and easy click bait for some websites are to blame the Russian Federation scandal for his decision, the political reality is that Chaffetz is likely leaving because he thinks Republicans have a good chance of losing the House in 2018, and he doesn't want to serve in the House minority. In January, Chaffetz told the Deseret News he "would take a serious, serious look at running for governor".

In a Utah Policy Poll conducted in March 2016, Chaffetz was the top choice for governor in 2020, with 25 percent of respondents picking him.

House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted that Chaffetz is "a great defender of liberty and limited government" and wished him the best.

"I have no doubt the 3rd Congressional District will be represented by a Republican", he added.

Chaffetz signaled the move was in part to spend more time with his family. "I love my wife and I adore my kids", Chaffetz told Neil Cavuto on Wednesday.

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