Published: Fri, April 14, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Has Galaxy S8 facial recognition tech been bypassed?

The new smartphone, which was unveiled earlier this week to great applause, is Samsung's first major release since the utter failure of the Galaxy Note 7, which combusted in people's pockets. Both of these screens are departures from the more traditional 16:9 phone (and TV) screens.

The security of the facial recognition feature on Samsung's new Galaxy S8 smartphone has come into question, after a video was shared online that appears to show one of the handsets being unlocked by waving a photo of the user's face in front of the camera.

According to various leaks that have dribbled out for almost a year, all of those features are also expected to arrive with the next big iPhone release. Along with Android Nougat, Samsung has preinstalled the device with their new personal assistant called Bixby.

The South Korean tech giant sought to make the Galaxy S8 series "bezel-less", allowing the "Infinity Display" to take up 83 percent of the front of the device, providing users with a very immersive experience.

"We offer the highest levels of biometric authentication - fingerprint and iris - to lock you phone and authenticate access to Samsung Pay or Secure Folder".

According to The Investor, Samsung is taking the extra mile to entice the public to patronize them once again by offering unconditional refunds to Samsung Galaxy S8 users.

Coinciding with the attention this video is getting is a report from The Korea Herald citing sources who claim Samsung never intended for the facial recognition to be a serious security measure. However, the site added, "the impact of a healthy S8 reception on Apple will probably be limited". Display-wise, the upcoming Samsung flagship phone is expected to have edge-to-edge curved displays with round corners.

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