Published: Sat, April 15, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Apple iPhone 8 will be much more stylish design wise

Although Weibo is not renowned for providing accurate news, yet Apples' own claims of design change give some value to it.

The device shown here is described as EVT 03; 9to5Mac, the website which published the image, explains: "This is supposedly an image of design drawings for the iPhone 8's Engineering Validation test third revision". The deliver is expected to take place "several weeks" later due to the technology in the handset that might take more time to prepare.

Recollecting previous rumours, Apple is said to launch three new iPhones this year.

The world of iPhone rumors is in flux.

That said, iDropNews, citing a source working within Foxconn, writes that Apple is now testing two different iPhone 8 designs but that the design likely to enter mass production will be the sleek-looking device with an embedded Touch ID we've been dreaming of.

The latest update about Apple's upcoming 10 anniversary surprise phone, the iPhone 8, is reportedly going to be delayed, at least for the delivery.

Apple hit a major snag in its development of the iPhone 8.

Apple is facing challenges integrating a fingerprint sensor into a home-screen, industry reports claim.

More speculations about Apple's next-generation iPhone continue to come out, while the Cupertino-based tech firm remains mum about the upcoming device's features.

According to MacRumors, the Touch ID is the "biggest bottleneck" preventing the scheduled mass production of the highly-anticipated iPhone 8's 5.8-inch display. However, reports suggest that some technical issues concerning the new design have caused production delays, as suppliers face difficulty in developing the curved OLED panels and applying the new 3D sensing front camera technology, Irish Examiner reported.

Let us know your comments below - would you rather see a delay in delivery but have secured your pre-order, or have Apple delay the release of the device to ensure immediate dispatch? There are a lot of people who love the iPhone and Apple seems to maintain a really strong fanbase.

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