Published: Fri, March 10, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

World's heaviest woman successfully undergoes surgery, loses 75 pct of stomach

World's heaviest woman successfully undergoes surgery, loses 75 pct of stomach

A spokesperson at the hospital said: "Eman successfully underwent a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy".

A spokeswoman for Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who is leading Abd El Aty's treatment, said the 37-year-old Egyptian's weight had been brought under 400 kilograms since she arrived in Mumbai in early February. We will attempt to reduce at least 200 kilos (30 stone) in the first six months. The future course of action for the medical team working on her will be to correct all her associated medical problems, to get her fit enough to fly back to Egypt as soon as possible.

The patient "is now fed with oral fluids and accepts them well".

Doctors are also awaiting Eman's genetic test results to understand if a genetic disorder might be responsible for obesity. In last 25 years, Eman was unable to move out of her house. "Her progress will be tracked to confirm if she undergoes continued weight loss", said officials from Saifee Hospital.

After hearing about her case, Dr Lakdawala agree to help her free of charge.

Her family told the doctor that as a child she was diagnosed with elephantiasis, a condition that causes the limbs and other body parts to swell, leaving her nearly immobile.

And by age 11, El Aty suffered a stroke because of her rapid weight gain, leaving her immobile. Doctors have said Eman will hopefully lose another 100kg in the course of the next 6-8 months gradually.

In order to transport her to Mumbai, the walls of her room were knocked down and she had to be lifted out of her bed via crane.

After a seven-hour flight, she was placed in a mini truck at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and transported to the hospital in a specially equipped truck.

A team of 16 specialists and over eight nurses are looking after her.

The spokesperson told the BBC that she was likely to lose more weight in the coming months.

India, which has seen a steep rise in bariatric surgery in recent years due to an increasing obesity problem, is a popular destination for foreigners seeking medical treatment due to low costs and no waiting lists.

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