Published: Tue, March 14, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Watch YouTube videos with your friends with this new app from Google

Watch YouTube videos with your friends with this new app from Google

A team from Google have launched new social video sharing app Uptime, reports The Verge. For people who have access to the app, they can now enjoy the practical features of the new video app from Google, such as doing a live commentary on a clip that is being simultaneously watched, as per Apple Insider. You can download Uptime here and check the Uptime Twitter account for invite codes.

You can try Uptime for yourself by grabbing it from the App Store.

Google launched its Area 120 incubator a year ago. They can share comments or tap on the screen to add sparkles to a video, with these interactions only being viewable by the other users watching the video at the same time. If there are other people watching a particular video with you, you will see their icons moving along with you.

Uptime is only available in the of late, and there is no indication if Google intends to bring it to other regions as well. Tapping on the video itself while you watch it also shoots stars into the frame, but only those watching the video at the same time will see those embellishments. We can't expect too much from an experimental app, but there's a possibility that some Uptime features could make their way into YouTube depending on how popular the app gets in the future. But not only that, you can comment or share reactions there and then. YouTube Go also lets you send videos to other YouTube Go users nearby over a local ad-hoc Wi-Fi hotspot that won't use up either person's data.

You can search for videos inside the app, or input a YouTube URL in the search box to find something specific.

It will also ask for an invitation code before you're able to use it.

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