Published: Tue, March 07, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

TSA Implements New Screening Method

TSA Implements New Screening Method

The TSA has previously used several types of pat downs, usually after a person sets off the metal detector alarm. Now, those options have been replaced with a universal procedure and not everyone is on board. If nothing else, these new procedures are something to be aware of next time you fly.

The Transportation Security Administration has rolled out changes to pat-downs at airports, which some travelers said resulted in more invasive screenings, NBC News reported.

A TSA spokesman says they did meet with Cleveland Police as well as airport officials last week, before the new pat down police was put into place.

But now passengers who opt out of electronic screening will have to undergo a full pat-down instead of one of five others that were slightly less aggressive.

Physical screening at airports has always been the subject of a debate over privacy versus security.

While passengers may find the process more intrusive than before, the new screening procedure isn't expected to increase overall airport security delays.

Security workers discovered a.380 caliber handgun in a man's jacket pocket on Thursday at the Hancock International Airport. A "managed inclusion" program that allowed some everyday travelers to use Pre-Chek lanes to speed things up during peak times has also been eliminated.

They did say, however, that the pat downs will not require touching of any passengers' genital areas. Those subject to the searches can elect to have the procedure in a private area with one companion, or in public view.

The new policy also applies to airline pilots and flight attendants, classified as "known crewmembers" who generally receive less scrutiny at checkpoints. Airport employees have been subject to random checks since the TSA's inception, but they may face more of them now. "Sometimes those measures call for a pat-down".

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