Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
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'This Is Us' Makes Surprising Reveal About Jack In Season 1 Finale

'This Is Us' Makes Surprising Reveal About Jack In Season 1 Finale

The finale's dissection of Jack and Rebecca's marriage doesn't help much either.

Hot young Jack and his hot vehicle mechanic skills. 'And not the me that you've conjured up about me over the years?'

While we love the idea that marriage is "til death do us part", this season closer illustrates how women often need more than their role as a mom to realize their full potential, and that no matter how "perfect" a husband seems, nobody is flawless.

If it was not evident before the finale, then I believe it is now clear that Rebecca's singing career is not meant to be. "The thing that I keep...talking about to people is, worry about how he's living". Understandably, the regulars at the game aren't pleased with a new guy showing up, playing one game, and taking all their money - so they proceed to beat up Jack and Daryl, rob Jack of all of his money, and warn them to never come back because next time, they'll kill them.

She goes on, 'What do you love about me? Get a hobby, bro. He made a pass at her before the show, which only solidified in her that she truly loved her husband. The two had a terrible fight and seemed to have lost their way from each other, though Jack was hopeful they would fix their relationship. You can always tell a well-written fight if both people involved are making legitimate points, and yet are both also wrong. A freak accident? The final episode didn't include the kids at all- it was all about Jack and Rebecca. I love that you dance amusing and not sexy, which makes it even sexier.

Moore also took to Twitter to quell fans' anxiety over the lack of answers regarding Jack's death. "That is not a career, Rebecca, that is ridiculous". Struggling about their financial issues, they revealed their dreams of opening up an auto body shop before (almost) participating in a heist to get Jack's money back. And he would have done it, if it weren't for...

We already knew Jack's father was a drunk and that Rebecca was a singer.

Rebecca's ex-boyfriend, Ben (Sam Trammell) enters her dressing room where the two exchange words before he tries to kiss her. Ben tells Jack that Rebecca ran off and Jack ends up punching Ben in the face.

The husband and wife get in an explosive fight - during which, she rebukes on claims that he is an alcoholic and accuses him of conveniently picking up his drinking habit at the same time she "finally [has] something happening for myself".

So... Did not see this coming. Last night was fundamental to the bigger picture.

Is Randall going to be okay?

American show This is Us Season One's finale is all set to premiere in India this Sunday, in fact the finale will air in the US today itself. Hurtful things were said, with the pair shouting over each other.

But, that's exactly what they did and I feel ripped off. But uggggh this is going to be such a long hiatus.

'Is this why you asked me to join the band? Most important, I want to know more about them. I love that you dance amusing, and not sexy, which makes it even sexier. While fixing Mrs. Peabody's auto, she questions how he came back from the war in such good spirits, and he explains that he didn't have it as hard as some people because he was only a mechanic. Did they fall in love, Miguel and Rebecca?

The touching monologue continues as Jack tells Rebecca what he loves about her right now: he loves the mother she is; he loves that she laughs with her whole face; that she dances amusing, not sexy, which is even sexier; and that she ditched her boring blind date because she just had to go and sing.

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